See John Blog (a publishing pundit enters the 21st Century)

My passion has always been about publishing and communications, in the tradition of visionaries like Jonathan Seybold. So, at long last, after years of writing about publishing and media technologies, I’ve finally gotten around to setting up a WordPress blog. (I’m not a complete stranger to the medium. I’ve blogged before, as Editorial Director of The Seybold Report which — alas — has gone in a different direction.)

So, what should I blog about? My past editorial topics often include rants about trendy technology. Publishing mavens are often attracted by new “sparklies” that may or may not be advancing our profession. My Seybold coverage of Twitter, for example, included some cranky remarks about how it — like all new developments — can be blown out of proportion, clouding the issue of why we publish. However, the Luddite response to Twitter, et al., is ill advised. Most of the “back in my day” complaining is based on comfort with technology that was, at one time, just as disruptive. So, I’ll keep the commentary constructive, wherever possible.

With that in mind, I will weigh in on a wide variety of publishing- and communication-related topics. There is much to be excited about, and many pitfalls to avoid. The point is to keep the discussion moving forward. Stay tuned.

John Parsons


2 thoughts on “See John Blog (a publishing pundit enters the 21st Century)

  1. Ah yes, the good ‘ol days…

    Funny thing ’bout technology John, it just keeps coming at us. We have just get on or get out of the way. We also need to recognize when it’s time to abandon the stuff that didn’t work out or isn’t ready for prime time.

    I’ll look forward to stopping by to see what you’re blogging about.

    Good luck!

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